Porsche deaths: father of minor driver arrested...

The father of the minor driver who was involved in porsche car accident which killed two people was arrested on tuesday from Maharashtra’s Sambhajinagar, pune police said. The owners of the two restaurants along with the staff were also arrested. According to a senior official, the boy’s father was later brought to pune, where he was arrested. “The father was trying to evade arrest ever since the offense was registered against him. Today morning we have detained him and after he is brought to pune, there will be a formal arrest,” said pune police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar earlier on tuesday morning.

Among others arrested include Pralhad Bhutada, owner of Cosie and Sandip Sangale, owner of Blak Club. “We arrested license holders of two restaurants and one more person late last night and they will be produced in the court today,” said Kumar. The minor’s father is a prominent real estate developer from the city whose porsche was driven without a registration number.

The arrest comes a day after the teenager’s father, and four others including owner of restaurant Cosie and Blak Club along with their managers were booked under relevant sections of the Motor vehicles Act (MVA) and the Juvenile Justice Act (JJA) for failing to perform his duty as a guardian. According to officials, Yerawada police arrested the father for allowing the minor to drive vehicle without license while restaurant owners and staff were booked for serving liquor to the minor.

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