Will tdp ministers support the ycp party..!?

The rush for the lok sabha elections has been going on all over the country for the last few days. The nda alliance is hoping to score a hat-trick in the elections this time. Some leaders are worried that if the bjp comes to power again, the country will definitely be divided. At this point, an interesting discussion came to the fore. lok sabha elections are being held in 7 phases across the country. Polling for five releases has already been completed. But seeing this voting pattern, the leaders are very confident that the india alliance will also come to power. On the other hand, bjp leaders are also saying that 400 seats will be confirmed. But the news is that the facts are different. Many leaders and analysts are saying that the bjp will get more than 200 seats if it joins with its allies, but it will come up to 50 more.

Moreover, there are many reports that the support of at least 20 to 25 MPs is definitely required. At this time, the names of three new parties are now coming to the fore, especially BJD in Odisha, trs in Telangana, and ycp in AP, but they are entering the fray directly without joining the alliance. When it comes to TRS, there is very strong news about how many seats they will get in the lok sabha elections. If the other side, YCP also comes to power, at least 15 MPs will be no less than. It can be said that the seats will come. For the nda to come to power, it must have the support of YCP. Even if the alliance does not come to power, it seems that the chances of nda coming to power at the center are high. It has become a million-dollar question whether jagan will agree if tdp MPs continue as central ministers in a party supported by ycp when the tdp party supported the bjp as part of the alliance. And whether the tdp ministers will follow in support of jagan in this matter is also becoming viral.

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