Prashant Kishor predicts how many seats bjp will win...

Political strategist prashant kishor on tuesday claimed that there is neither significant dissatisfaction with the incumbent bharatiya janata party government at the Centre nor a strong demand for an alternative. In an interview with , the Jan Suraaj party chief also said prime minister Narendra Modi is likely to guide the bjp to another victory in the lok sabha elections 2024, predicting that the saffron party seat count could be close to or even surpass its 2019 tally of 303. “I think Modi-led bjp is returning. They may get the same numbers as last election or do slightly better,” quoted prashant kishor as saying.

"We should look at the fundamentals. If there is anger against the incumbent government and its leader, there is a possibility that regardless of whether there is an alternative, people may decide to vote them out. So far, we have not heard that there is widespread public anger against Modiji. There may be disappointment, unfulfilled aspirations, but we have not heard of widespread anger," prashant kishor added.

Responding to a question on the BJP's 370 seats and the NDA's 400-plus target, prashant kishor said, “If the bjp wins 275 seats, its leaders are not going to say that we will not form the government because we had claimed we will win 370. So, we need to see whether they are getting 272, the majority mark. politics and chatter will continue. Those doing commentary will continue to do so. But I don't see any risk, and nda seems to be returning to power.”

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