Childhood in poverty, today this girl the owner of Rs 485 crores?

'She was or was born with a silver spoon, she never had to struggle.' This is a statement which is said for every star kid. This girl seen in the picture is also from a bollywood superstar family. Today she is the top actress of B Town, although this actress had said that her childhood was spent in many difficulties. His actor father did not even have money to pay his fees. But today this girl is the mistress of crores.

kareena kapoor did not get luxury life in her childhood

The girl seen in the picture is none other than Bollywood's most talented actress Kareena Kapoor. Kareena has given many blockbuster films and has ruled B-town. However, kareena kapoor Khan once said that despite being from a superstar family, she and her sister karisma kapoor were not raised in luxury. The actress had said that she and her sister Karisma were raised by their single mother Babita Kapoor and they used public transport like ordinary people, she had said that at one time her family could not even afford a driver.

Faced a lot of financial hardship in childhood

In fact, while talking to Hindustan Times in 2011, kareena kapoor was asked whether, like her cousin brother Ranbir Kapoor, she also believes that she was born in a privileged family. In response, Kareena had said, "We did not grow up in luxury, as people think about the Kapoor family. My mother (Babita) and sister (Karisma) really struggled to give me a better life. Especially my mother, because she was a single parent, everything was very limited for us."

Couldn't afford the driver's expenses

Kareena had further said, "Lolo (Karisma Kapoor) used to go to college in local trains, but I avoided that because I did not go to college here. But I took a school bus like everyone else. We had a car and a driver." There was no money to meet the expenses. Our mother brought us up in such a way that we value everything we have today. The bad days we have seen have made us very strong and fragile at the same time. And the experiences have made me a very intense person.

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