Agra Income Tax Raid: 4 days, 100 officers

 cash machine operated for 17 hours, know how much cash was found in the 80-hour long raid

Agra Income Tax raid: The Income Tax Department had raided the houses of three shoe traders in agra five days ago. Since then, a lot of cash and documents have been recovered during searches of their houses and hideouts.

Agra Income Tax Raid: The Income Tax Department raid, which started 5 days ago on the premises of three shoe traders in agra, has ended. The raid started on saturday (May 18) and continued till late tuesday night. Along with the houses of the shoe traders, other places were also searched in detail. In a simultaneous raid conducted by about 100 officers and employees, a lot of cash and documents were recovered from the locations of the three businessmen, which took the Income Tax officials about 80 hours to calculate. Slips related to many cash transactions have also been recovered, based on which there is a possibility of more cash being recovered.

By around 8 pm on tuesday night, Income Tax Department teams recovered 11,400 bundles of Rs 500 notes from the houses of the three businessmen in an 80-hour long raid. To count these bundles, cash machines of bank of india-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>state bank of india had to be called for and it took about 17 hours for the bank employees to count them. The entire recovered amount has been deposited through two cash vans of the bank. Many laptops, computers and account books have also been seized. Many other documents have also been found. The Income Tax Department will now investigate all these separately.

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