Brahma reddy has done many programs to show his presence..!?

Presently, TDP leaders Julakanti Brahma reddy and pinnelli ramakrishna reddy have become a hot topic. The discussion continues as to why Brahma reddy entered the Macharla constituency in the Palnadu district. Entering the field He won in 2009 and 2012. In the last two assembly elections, pinnelli ramakrishna reddy contested as a ycp candidate and won. However, it became a challenge for the tdp leader to defeat Pinnelli, who is currently a sitting MLA. So he started searching for a leader who would work hard for him and finally brought Brahma reddy into the fray. Chief Chandrababu Naidu was appointed as in-charge of the tdp party. Brahma reddy is a resident of Veldurdi of Macharla Constituency. His father Nagireddy and Amma Durgamba also won the last election. After that in the 2004 and 2009 assembly elections, Brahma reddy stood as tdp candidate and suffered defeat.

The talk of the local people is that Julakanti Brahma reddy is the main accused in the case of seven factional murders in the then-joint AP. people say that he played the main role in the murder case of his own father Hanimi Reddy. However, on march 10, 2001, due to the adjournment of the murder case, Sambireddy went to Narasa Raopet court with his faction. The charge against him is that the Brahma reddy group attacked and killed Sambireddy while he was coming. However, since then he has been staying away from politics. Chandrababu wanted to strengthen the tdp party by inviting him again to the Machars and giving him a ticket. However, the local talk is that tdp will give full support to him even if he is financially weak. According to that, Brahma reddy has done many programs in Machar to show his presence. people are panicking about what will happen there at any moment. people say that if it continues like this tomorrow if the situation is recalled after the counting, it will come.

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