Home Ministry receives bomb threat amid elections, delhi police on high alert

Delhi Bomb Threat: Amidst the lok sabha elections, delhi is continuously receiving bomb threats. Recently, a mail was received threatening to blow up the police Control Room located in North Block, Delhi. After which all the investigating agencies have become active.

Bomb Threat: Amidst the lok sabha elections, mails are being continuously sent threatening to bomb Delhi. Voting is to be held in delhi on 25th May. Before that he had received bomb threats several times. Now the home Ministry located in North Block has received a bomb threat, this threat was sent to delhi police through email. After this threat received on Wednesday, delhi police became alert. fire engines were sent to the spot and North Block is being searched.

A police officer said that the DFS was called after an officer posted in North Block received an email containing a bomb threat. He told that the search is going on and at present nothing suspicious has been found. Let us tell you that North Block is a very sensitive area. There are very strict security arrangements here, hence the news of the bomb created a stir. According to the information, the police got information about this at around 3.30 pm.

Police called the email fake

After several hours of search operation, the police did not find anything, nor did the police find any suspect in the area. In the end, the police declared this threatening mail as fake but the investigating agencies are still on alert. At the same time, the fire department said that the police control room located in North Block of New delhi area had received a mail containing a bomb threat, two fire engines have been sent to the spot.

150 schools had received threats

This is not the first time that delhi has received bomb threats. Even before this, threatening mails have been received many times. In recent days, about 150 schools in delhi had received threatening emails. In which there was talk of blowing up schools with bombs. At that time their IP addresses were from Budapest, the capital of Hungary. delhi police is in constant touch with the Hungarian investigative agencies regarding this matter. The mail server used was from Russia. police had received many information from russia through Interpol.

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