Stalin plans to reshuffle the cabinet.? Who will be replaced?

 Who has a chance for new ministers?

After the parliamentary elections, the cabinet is reshuffled. It has been reported that the cabinet departments will be changed without expanding the cabinet and Udayanidhi will be given the post of Deputy Chief Minister.

Parliamentary elections in full swing

Parliamentary elections are going on in full swing across the country. The election results will be announced on the 4th of next month. Earlier, when the election campaign was going on in tamil Nadu, DMK leader and chief minister stalin issued strict orders to the district secretary. in that respect,

 When the district secretaries speak in the meeting, if the votes are low in the election, the responsible ministers and the district secretaries will have to answer. He said that I will take action no matter who it is.

Victory for india alliance

Now there have been complaints about those who have not performed properly in the election work despite the intelligence reports that the alliance will win in all seats.

In that regard, information has been received by the Institute of complaints against 10 ministers and district secretaries. Due to this, the ministers and district secretaries are in some kind of confusion. In this situation, there are reports that 2 ministers may be deprived of their posts before the end of the election. About DMK. Locally, Handicrafts minister R.Gandhi and Revenue minister K.K.S.S. R. Ramachandran may be removed from the cabinet due to health and activities.

Tamil Nadu cabinet expansion.?

Apart from that DMK It is also being talked about that there is a high possibility that the Sand Quarry, Mines and Mineral Resources Department held by General Secretary Duraimurugan will be handed over to another minister. The DMK has made these changes as the enforcement department's investigation is intensifying due to complaints in the sand quarrying and mineral sector. Spoken locally.

It is also reported that stalin -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>udhayanidhi stalin will be given the post of deputy chief minister without any new cabinet expansion. It is also said that additional departments will be allotted to Udayanidhi in that way

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