Brahma reddy must once again become a political monk..!?

In terms of politics, the Pinnelli family has continued to dominate the Macharla constituency in Palnadu districts for almost two decades. In 2004, Pinnelli won on behalf of the Lakshmareddy Congress. After that Pinnelli Ramakrishna reddy entered politics even though he was his younger brother's son. In 2009 he got an opportunity from congress and won as an MLA. After that, due to some reasons, he won again due to by-elections.

Since then, Pinnelli's faction has been left unturned. However, now Chandrababu brought the name of Brahma reddy to the fore and found Julakanti to be the right candidate for Pinnelli and brought him into the ring. Julakanti Brahma reddy is from Veldurdi village in Macharla. His father Julakanti Nagireddy won as an independent in 1972. Later in 1999, Julakanti Durgamba was a TDP candidate They stood in the ring and faced defeat. Since then he has stayed away from politics. However, he has stayed away from politics since then and did not really care. But to defeat Pinnilli, Chandrababu brought him into the ring again as part of direct politics.

TDP candidate macherla Brahma reddy has made hot comments on the current situation in Palnadu. Some MLAs warned that the reason for the tense situation in the Machars was the failure of the police, but they were angry that the police stood by and watched. However, the people there say that the situation in the Machars is tense due to the return of Brahma Reddy. Seeing all this, Brahma reddy will know that he must once again become a political monk.

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