Full Confident that nani will win in Gudivada..!?

Gudivada is one of the key constituencies in Andhra Pradesh. When the name of this constituency is mentioned, many people remember Kodali Nani. The temple became a fortress for him. tdp is determined to defeat Kodali nani, who has already scored a double hat-trick. With this, nri fielded Venigandla ram as his opponent. And can ramu face Nani? Who will win between these two rivals? Let's see who's strengths are.

Kodali nani won four times in this constituency. nani is the one who speaks like a bullet and knocks opponents down with his words. tdp is planning to topple such nani this time anyway. As a part of this, economic and caste equations were calculated and brought into the ring of Rama. At the same time, the polling percentage has increased in gudivada this time. In the last election, it was 79 percent but in this election, it was 82.51 percent.

  But this time, women exercised the right to vote in larger numbers than men. They are coming to the expectations of ycp and tdp that women have voted for us because of their opposition to the government. In this way, nani on one side and ramu on the other side took the election very ambitiously and went ahead. nani has raised the sentiment that this is my last election. Kodali nani, who has already won four times, had new candidates contested against him four times. They used to complete Nani's campaign before coming and getting to know the constituency thoroughly.   TDP came up with a good idea at this juncture and fielded Venigandla ram two years ago. As a result, ramu has been doing many service programs and working with tdp leaders. Besides, he did his work and stood by the poor people.

Also, he went to the public criticizing the constituency where he is the minister for not making any development. But nani is firmly convinced that the welfare schemes and the brand Jagan will win me over. Also, nani being a local is a more cohesive factor.   As for Ramu, he has done programs in the name of Venigandla Trust. But there is a point among people that he is not local. There is a lot of news that he will go to other countries after winning and losing. In any case, people have come to Crown nani every time with the idea that nani -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>kodali nani is local and available to us anytime. But this time too they are confident that nani will win in Gudivada. And we have to wait till june 4 to find out who's fate will be.

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