Political clash between two groups cause loss to RJD...

Only two phases of lok sabha elections are left in this month. In these remaining phases, the biggest electoral battle will be in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. In this sequence, there is noise in the political circles that the challenge in bihar is strong for the ruling alliance NDA. RJD's patron and leader Lalu prasad Yadav has fielded his daughters in the electoral battle on two seats. Misa Bharti from Patliputra and rohini Acharya from saran are in the electoral fray. bjp has fielded rajiv pratap rudy from Saran. Political pundits are talking about a good contest between Rudy and rohini Acharya in Saran. However, a sad news came from saran where as soon as the fifth phase ended on May 20, there was a fight between two groups in which two people died.

Rohini means fight for inheritance 

If we know this incident sequentially, the fifth phase of voting was going on on May 20. In this sequence, rohini Acharya was going to many polling stations. Similarly, when she reached the polling booth (number 118) near Bhikhari Thakur Chowk, she had an argument with some people there. Regarding this debate, rohini Acharya says, "They were already present there with sticks and stones." According to the police report, these people had come to vote and they had an argument with rohini Acharya, after which there was a tug of war and A fight broke out. local people are alleging that rohini Acharya was misbehaving with the voters and a fight broke out between the two groups.

If there are elections and caste colors do not come to the fore in bihar, then perhaps the formalities of the elections may not be completed. In the same sequence, this incident also started being painted in ethnic colours. However, this incident has nothing to do with caste. This incident was a fight between two political groups. The incident of May 20 acted like a seed which gave rise to the big incident of May 21. On the morning of 21 May, there were supporters of RJD and bjp near Bhikhari Thakur Chowk, there is a primary school near the Chowk, there was firing between these two groups. However, due to the flag march of the central forces and the strictness of the administration, the incident was soon brought under control and the fire did not spread further, but two lives were lost.

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