Cases of domestic violence are continuously increasing...

There is a continuous increase in cases of domestic violence in India. According to government data, in the year 2018, the police had registered 103,272 cases of domestic violence. According to India's National Family health Survey, about 33% of women were victims of physical, sexual or emotional marital violence in 2015–16. Of these, 14% Women had sought help from the Women's Commission to stop this. In 2020, this figure increased to 112,292. According to this figure, every five minutes in India, approximately one woman becomes a victim of domestic violence.

In India, domestic violence has been kept under 498A of the Penal Code. Under this section, any married woman can file a case against her husband and in-laws for demanding dowry or harassing her. This is a non-bailable offence, which carries a punishment of three years.

The court has already advocated for saving marriage.

In 2021, Allahabad High court made an important comment in the case of vipul Gupta vs. Amrita. The court said that the family court should take every possible step to save the marriage while deciding the matrimonial dispute. The court said that Section 9 of the Family court Act 1984 also says the same. In another decision in 2023, allahabad High court said that if small fights between husband and wife are seen as cruelty, then many marriages will break. The court said in its comment that people should avoid giving preference to divorce, otherwise every couple will do the same over small disputes.

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