In the background of the andhra pradesh State assembly and parliament elections... Jaganmohan reddy made many sketches to defeat the top leaders of the telugu Desam Party. Chandrababu Naidu, Balayya, Nara Lokesh, Achchennaidu, and power star Pawan Kalyan, the head of Janasena, not only brought strong leaders into the ring but also spent a lot of money to defeat such key leaders. Especially in the last five years, in the constituencies where these top leaders are, Jaganmohan reddy has initiated welfare schemes and welfare programs in crores.

As a part of this, Jaganmohan reddy also made great efforts to defeat telugu desam party andhra pradesh President Achchennaidu in tekkali constituency. From 2019 to 2023, jagan brought many welfare schemes and welfare programs in tekkali constituency. In this 2024 election, Jaganmohan reddy fielded MLC Duvvada Srinivasan to defeat Kinjarapu Achchennaidu.

Jagan, who had planned to defeat Achchennaidu from before... has now failed. In tekkali Constituency 50% of voters belong to Kalinga community. velama 20%, Vaishya 10%, other social groups 20% total votes. But here Vade Duvvada srinivas belongs to Kalinga community. With this, ycp thought that they will win there easily. But a day before polling, the scene changed.   Moreover, to win Duvwada in any way... YSP has also done speedy port works in Moolpet with 700 crores in tekkali constituency. However, in the background of this port works, the beneficiaries of Moolpet and vishnu Chakra have not received compensation.

It is said that the voters there have decided not to vote for YCP. Also, Killi Kripara, who is in the ycp party, was given no priority. With this, she said goodbye to the ycp party before the election. It is also said that the ycp party has been dealt a blow in the tekkali constituency. It is also said that the wind blowing against ycp across ap is also a reason. On the whole, political analysts are also of the opinion that YSP did not prevent Achchennaidu's victory this time.

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