Will sharad pawar support bjp if it does not get majority? 

Sharad Pawar made it clear that if bjp does not get an alliance in the lok sabha elections, then he will not form an alliance with it. He made it clear that BJP's policies are not right. In such a situation there is no question of alliance. He said this in an interview given to journalist prashant Kadam. sharad pawar said that there is a difference between personal relations and political decisions.

Sharad Pawar has rejected 'Modi wave'

It is noteworthy that sharad pawar has been claiming that people now want change in the country. Earlier on several occasions he had said that there is no 'Modi wave' in the country now. sharad pawar has opened a front against the bjp government at the Centre.

Lok Sabha elections are over in Maharashtra

In maharashtra, sharad pawar contested the elections with congress and uddhav Thackeray's shiv sena (UBT). All three parties are part of the india Alliance at the national level. Voting has ended on all 48 lok sabha seats in maharashtra and the leaders are waiting for june 4 when the results will come.

MVA will win in maharashtra, claims Sharad Pawar

Sharad Pawar has claimed victory of Mahavikas Aghadi in Maharashtra. He is confident that the public will teach a lesson to the nda in the state. nda includes bjp, shiv sena and NCP. Sharad Pawar's nephew ajit pawar has separated. He is currently the deputy cm of Maharashtra. It is believed that this time the lok sabha elections are a battle of prestige between the two. The most discussed is about Baramati lok sabha seat. Ajit Pawar's wife Sunetra Pawar contested this seat. Sharad Pawar's daughter supriya sule is the mp from here and she is also in the fray. not on this seat

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