Will shiv sena take disciplinary action against Gajanan? 

The troubles of Gajanan Kirtikar, the current mp of Shinde group in mumbai, are likely to increase. There is a possibility of internal party action against Kirtikar. There is resentment in shiv sena after Kirtikar's stance regarding his son and uddhav thackeray group candidate Amol Kirtikar. A complaint about this has been made to the disciplinary committee of Shiv Sena. Gajanan Kirtikar said that he regrets not being with his son at this juncture.

According to ABP Majha, Gajanan Kirtikar had given a statement regarding his son and Amol Kirtikar, the thackeray Group candidate in mumbai North West. shiv sena deputy leader Shishir Shinde had written a letter to chief minister Eknath Shinde demanding disciplinary action against Gajanan Kirtikar. bjp leader Praveen Darekar has made many serious allegations against Gajanan Kirtikar. Therefore, there is every possibility that action can be taken against Gajanan Kirtikar.

What will be the disciplinary action?

In shiv sena, if such a complaint against any leader goes to the disciplinary committee, then the complaint is considered. Then a notice is issued to the concerned leader in consultation with the party chief or in case the main party leader. This notice is a show cause notice. A leader against whom disciplinary action has been taken. The leader has to respond to this notice within a certain time limit. If the concerned leader replies to the notice, is the reply mentioned in the notice satisfactory or not? It is investigated. If this answer is satisfactory, no action is taken against the concerned leader. But if this answer is not satisfactory then the concerned leader will have to face disciplinary action from the party. This action takes place for a few years or a few months. Then action is taken to remove him from the party or suspend him from the party. Therefore, if disciplinary action is taken against Gajanan Kirtikar, he may be expelled or even suspended.

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