Congress' advice to Shinde government in Maharashtra...

Maharashtra congress President Nana Patole has made a big appeal to the Shinde government. Patole said, "After the lok sabha elections are over, the Shinde government should pay serious attention to the drought. Apart from this, start fodder camps and supply water tankers to those villages where it is urgently required."

What did Nana Patole say?

State congress Committee President Nana Patole has demanded from the state government, "People are facing severe drought these days in most areas of Maharashtra. In such a situation, after the lok sabha elections are over, the state government should pay serious attention to the drought." Thousands of villages and towns are not getting drinking water due to lack of water. There should be facility of drinking water and fodder for animals in every village. Patole said that "keeping in mind the public interest, the government should immediately take a decision to relax the code of conduct and provide fodder for animals besides water to the people."

Patole further said that "Mothers and sisters in the rural areas of the state are yearning for water. There is no fodder for the animals. Many cities get water once every 10 or 12 days. The situation in Marathwada is very serious. The shortage of fodder has created a big crisis for dairy farmers."

The congress leader said, "We had told the state government four months ago that people would have to face a major drought. But the BJP-Shinde-Ajit Pawar government was busy with its fights and breaking other parties. Governance-Administration lok sabha elections But now after the elections are over, the state government should immediately focus on providing water and fodder." Patole said, "Animal Husbandry and Dairy Development minister Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil says that there is enough fodder available in the state for 45 days. If fodder is available then what moment is the corrupt Mahayuti government waiting for to distribute it? Fodder camps should be started immediately. The untimely rains have already caused huge losses to the farmers and now they are facing a big crisis and they need immediate assistance."

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