The water resources minister is talking about not being able to get our share of water in the Cauvery! 

Whenever the DMK came to power, the neighboring andhra pradesh government built a barrage across the river; The karnataka government is also trying to build a dam across the Cauvery; people are watching the kerala government build a barrage across the river Spider and the vidya is going on freely without any opposition from the DMK government.

Former minister SB Velumani has alleged that the barrage works in the neighboring states are going on freely without any opposition from the DMK government.

In this regard, the former AIADMK minister SB Velumani has issued a statement: The people of tamil Nadu know that AIADMK General Secretary Edappadiyar is a person who has been speaking for the welfare of tamil Nadu with a white heart without any hypocrisy, even when he was in power for the well-being of the people of tamil Nadu and now he is working as the leader of the opposition. putting on a farce; double acting; Betrayal of one's own home; The people of tamil Nadu are well aware that acts like betraying the people who have trusted and voted for them are the art of the ruling DMK.

Let Cauvery be a problem; Let Meghadatu be the problem of dam construction; Let the small intestine be a problem; Let the Andhra government be a problem across the river; Annan Edappadiyar has been pointing out time and time again that the vidya DMK rulers, who are unable to knock tamil Nadu when the neighboring states are deceiving them, are crawling silently with their hands tied for their selfish interests.

Based on that, the kerala government is currently building a barrage on the Spider River in idukki district in kerala to block the flow of water to the amaravati River. Urged to take necessary legal action immediately. The minister of Water Resources, who could not bear the public exposure of their fraudulent activities by the leader of the Opposition, has untied the bags in the name of a report using the usual dirty words.

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