Shut up, Modi, amit Shah.. Blockade is the way - congress upset by Annamalai

Prime minister Narendra Modi and amit shah should apologize for defaming Tamils. There has been a sudden turnaround when tamil Nadu congress leader Selvaperunthagai had said that otherwise the tamil Nadu bjp office would be besieged.

Tamil Nadu bjp Vs TN Congress

When tamil Nadu congress President Selvaperunthakai met the media at chennai Satyamurthy Bhawan, he said, "When Modi comes to tamil Nadu, he talks about Thirukkural, literature and grammar, forgetting that he is in charge of the Prime minister, he is talking rudely and opportunistically.


In the future, if they insult the Tamils and denigrate the tamil language, there will be no chance for the bjp to exist in tamil Nadu. Modi and amit shah must apologize unconditionally to the people of tamil Nadu within a week.


In this situation, tamil Nadu bjp leader annamalai has responded to this. He said, "I learned that the tamil Nadu state president of the congress party has announced that they are going to lay siege to the tamil Nadu bjp headquarters. If our office announces the date of arrival in advance, it will be convenient to arrange meals for the ten people coming.

PM Modi

Also, we can give a book on the betrayals of DMK and congress to Tamils as a gift to all those who come. We have decided to upload a video on social media on that day showing how DMK and congress are enemies of Tamils.

Amit Shah

Therefore, the tamil Nadu State President of the congress Party should let us know in advance only the date when our state head office will be coming,” said annamalai jokingly.

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