PM Modi did not insult Tamils; It was cm stalin who insulted Tamils 

Stalin says that PM Modi has insulted Tamils. However, former governor Tamilisai Soundararajan said that it was chief minister stalin who distorted the comments made by Modi and insulted the Tamils.

In a press release issued by former governor Tamilisai Soundararajan, "Tamil Nadu chief minister M. K. stalin is deliberately spreading an idea that indian prime minister narendra Modi has insulted all Tamils. The prime minister of India, narendra Modi, said that in Orissa, a person who is not an elected official but is influencing an elected government from the background as a surrogate is preventing the people from getting what they deserve.

Mr. M. K. Stalin's trite statement that the person he was talking about is a tamil, so he insulted all the Tamils... we should take it as the chief minister Mr. M. K. stalin is insulting the Tamils. It is Mr.M.K.Stalin who said that he insults all Tamils when he mentions a person from tamil Nadu who may be a wrong example, and he is twisting that this disrespect is referring to all Tamils. So, according to me Mr. M.K.Stalin is doing false propaganda as usual.

When Mr. sam Pitrota from the congress Party said that all South Indians, including Tamils, are as black as Africans, despite the fact that this includes tamil Nadu people, the DMK did not express any objection. Instead they reinterpreted what sam Pitrota said about the landscape...not the people.

It is Mr.M.K.Stalin who says that the prime minister has insulted the tamil nation which includes all Tamils by mentioning the Tamils who can be a wrong example today.. You are the enemies of Tamils who sat in power and watched the massacre of our tamil natives in sri lanka when they were in central and state government.

If you have appreciated Bharatiya Janata Party's tamil Nadu-based Mr. Thirunavukarasu, Mr. Ila. Ganesan, who is currently the Union minister, Mr. L. Murugan, etc., when they were elected as members of parliament from other states for giving identity to Tamils in parliament, then you can truly say that you are in favor of Tamils.

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