Divya Singh's big allegation on dispute with husband…

The battle for the former royal family home of Bharatpur princely state of rajasthan has now come to the streets. Former cabinet minister and former royal family member Vishvendra Singh is having a feud with his wife and former mp divya Singh and son Anirudh for almost three years. This fight has now come out of the four walls. Before this, a panchayat of Jat community was held a day earlier in support of former cabinet minister Vishvendra Singh. After the panchayat of Jat community, on wednesday (22 May), Vishvendra Singh's wife divya Singh and son Anirudh Singh held a press conference. He has made many serious allegations in this press conference.

Serious allegations against former cm Gehlot

Former mp divya Singh and her son Anirudh Singh claimed that a senior PCC member from Bharatpur has told that a senior congress leader is behind this whole mess. He is absolutely right in saying this. divya Singh said, "Former cm ashok gehlot has added fuel to the dispute in our house. It is ashok gehlot who has stoked the fire for 2 to 2.5 years." He further said, "The leader who gave this statement has given the right statement. He might know that ashok gehlot has added fuel to the fire.

'It doesn't matter whether panchayat or Mahapanchayat'

Former mp divya Singh said that we have faith in the judiciary. There is no need to add Panchayat. Anirudh Singh, son of former minister Vishvendra Singh, said that the case is going on in the SDM court. We have faith in bureaucracy, SDM court and judicial system. divya Singh said that we do not need to add any panchayat. We have seen many Panchayats. panchayat was also conducted against Kunwar Arun Singh, Krishnendra Kaur deepa and Rao raja Raghuraj Singh, but all the people are sitting in their homes. It does not make any difference whether these panchayat or Mahapanchayat. Anirudh Singh alleged that "under the ashok gehlot government, the beautification project of Municipal Corporation and UIT area outside Moti Mahal was approved. All those projects were stopped. The work of maintenance of historical and heritage items inside Moti Mahal was stopped. We were also stopped because we needed permission for some work.

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