BJP mp jayant sinha replied to the party's action notice?

Outgoing bjp mp from Hazaribagh seat of Jharkhand, jayant sinha has responded to the show cause notice issued by the party. He has shared the two-page letter on social media. In this he has said that he will continue working for the party. Also, on the allegations of not voting, jayant sinha said that he had voted through postal ballot. jayant sinha wrote on his social media handle 'X', "I want to narrate the conversation I had with bjp National President JP Nadda. Long before the lok sabha elections in march 2024, I have decided not to participate in active election responsibilities. "So that I can work on the issues arising from global climate change, I announced this decision on social media." The bjp mp further wrote, "Along with this, I will continue to work with the party. I got the opportunity to serve india and the people of Hazaribagh for the last 10 years. Apart from this, I got the opportunity to serve PM narendra Modi, home minister amit shah and the party leadership." I have thanked the top leadership for getting the opportunity to fulfill many responsibilities given to me.

Jayant Sinha- I supported the party's decision

Jayant Sinha wrote, "After I announced not to participate in the elections, there was a reaction from thousands of voters and party workers of Hazaribagh Lok Sabha. Many people came to meet me in delhi and asked me to consider my decision. Also I should continue my candidature in the lok sabha elections. It was a difficult time, in which public sentiments were high, but I maintained political decorum and restraint." The bjp leader wrote in his reply, "The party declared manish Jaiswal as its candidate for the 2024 lok sabha elections. I congratulated him on march 8, 2024, which was proof of my clear support. It's all on social media, Which also shows my support towards the party's decision. In the meantime, if the party wanted me to participate in the election activities, you could have contacted me after my announcement on march 2, 2024. "No party official or MP/MLA contacted me."


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