It is wrong to accuse people of not voting – Jayant Sinha…

The Hazaribagh mp said, "Therefore, after reaching Hazaribagh on May 2, 2024, I went straight to manish Jaiswal's residence to meet him. During this time he was not there, so I gave my message and best wishes to his family. After this, manish I did not meet or talk to Jaiswal. jayant sinha further said that after returning to Delhi, the lok sabha Speaker went abroad on 10 May 2024 due to some important personal commitments.

He wrote, "Since I was not invited to any program by the party, I did not see any special need to stay there. Before leaving, I had cast my vote through the postal ballot process. Therefore, it is wrong to make this allegation." That I did not perform my voting duty. During my 25 years of service with bjp, I have been an mp, Union minister of State and Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance in Hazaribagh. "I have been appreciated, the biggest proof of which is that I won the 2014 and 2019 elections with record votes."

'I have worked for the party for the last several decades'

Jayant Sinha wrote, "Over the past several decades, I have assisted the party in many important and meaningful national policy initiatives. My work in these positions has been appreciated by all. I also recognize the excellent work of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance. Apart from being awarded the Maharan Award by the President, I have also got the opportunity to represent the bjp and prime minister Modi's government in many important parliamentary and media debates. In view of these contributions and the above circumstances, it is inappropriate in my view to release this letter publicly."

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