Vikramaditya Singh's attack on kangana Ranaut...

Congress candidate from Mandi seat vikramaditya Singh has once again made sharp remarks on his rival kangana Ranaut. vikramaditya Singh said that she accuses us of being stuck to the chair. Does he have the courage to ask the same question to PM Modi? vikramaditya also said that she is writing a new history and a new geography. vikramaditya said in the election rally, "We wanted elections to be fought on issues but Mohtaram is leaving no stone unturned to entertain." The way in which ballads are being read and new things are being talked about. history is being written in a new way and geography is being written in a new way, economics is not even known.   Maybe you don't even know what economics is.

Kangana cannot see our development work – Vikramaditya

Himachal minister vikramaditya said, "We have always tried to rise above party politics and contribute to the development of Himachal." The way our father carried out development work in the state by being cm six times. Today, with what mouth does this lady ask what you did inside the market? Can't they see the medical college which was built for us by the UPA government at a cost of Rs 2500 crores? You don't see the IIT that has been created, it is said that you are stuck to the chair.

Congress candidate gave this challenge to Kangana

Vikramaditya Singh further said, “We are not stuck to the chair. The public wins again and again. Becoming cm of the state six times is not an easy task. The people of the state have made you victorious, who today are arguing that you are clinging to the chair. Your donors are coming tomorrow, will you dare to ask them that you have been on the CM's chair for 15 years. It has been 10 years since you became PM, why are you clinging to the chair? You are about to turn 75, bjp used to say that after 75, we will put our leaders in the Margdarshak Mandali. Does Mohtarma have so much courage to say this to the Prime Minister?

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