Congress takes a jibe at bjp candidate Kangana...

Voting will be held in himachal pradesh on june 1, while the results of vote counting will come on june 4. In such a situation, political parties are continuously accusing each other. Meanwhile, Himachal congress has strongly attacked bjp candidate kangana ranaut from Mandi parliamentary constituency. congress said that kangana ji has really come here for holidays. What they don't know is that Pangi is close to Jammu and not Kashmir. Himachal congress hit back at kangana Ranaut's social media post on its 'X' handle by  that 'Kangana ji has really come here for holidays! What they don't know is that Pangi is close to Jammu and not Kashmir. His knowledge was clearly evident from his statement that real independence would be achieved after 2014. Now tell me! What is the use of wasting votes on someone who does not know the history and geography of Himachal? Madam has come for a month long vacation, she will refuse and go back to Mumbai. What is the use of taking his words seriously?

What did kangana ranaut say?

Let us tell you that kangana ranaut had recently gone to Pangi. After that he  on his 'X' handle and said that 'Pangi is situated on the border of Chamba, kashmir and Spiti. It is a mixed form of kashmir and Himachal. This is one of the most magnificent places I have ever seen. Certainly it can be developed as one of the most sought-after tourist destinations.

Vikramaditya Singh said attack

Earlier, vikramaditya Singh had said that 'his vision is clear, but kangana ranaut only keeps chanting the name of prime minister Narendra Modi. politics is not a profession, rather it is a medium of public service. In such a situation, in politics one has to live among the people and understand the problems of the people and solve them. vikramaditya Singh said that preservation of divine culture is also our ultimate religion.

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