'Pandit pradeep Mishra is promoting bjp amidst fiction'…

Congress is making big allegations against narrator Pandit pradeep Mishra. On behalf of the congress leaders, a complaint letter has been submitted to the Chief election commission of india to the Sehore collector office, in which it has been told that in open violation of the rules of code of conduct, pradeep Mishra is asking his devotees to vote for BJP. congress alleges that pradeep Mishra is asking for votes for bjp during the story. Not only this, bjp leaders are reaching out to the story of Pandit pradeep Mishra and asking for votes for themselves.

Pradeep Mishra accused of politicizing religion

On Wednesday, former General Secretary of Sehore district congress, Pankaj Sharma reached the Collector's office and handed over a letter addressed to the Chief election Commissioner of India. Through the letter, Pankaj Sharma told that the narrator pradeep Mishra is politicizing religion by appealing to vote by taking the name of a particular party and a leader in his religious stories and by calling the leaders of a particular party.

Seeking votes for bjp in Maharashtra

Pankaj Sharma said in the complaint that recently, storyteller pradeep Mishra had narrated a story in Paratwada, Maharashtra. On May 6, pradeep Mishra had directly asked for votes for the prime minister and the bjp by taking the names of the prime minister and the bjp in a religious event, which was not acceptable to the election Commission. It is a violation of the instructions and is against the Constitution. In the same story, on the last day on May 12, Amravati's independent mp and bjp mp candidate Navneet Rana had also sought votes in the name of religion. Pankaj Sharma said that narrator pradeep Mishra has earlier also been giving unrestrained statements regarding changing the Constitution of the country, ending democracy and creating a Hindu Rashtra.

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