Will AAP mp swati Maliwal resign from rajya sabha now? 

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) rajya sabha mp swati Maliwal has made it clear that she will not resign from the post. In an interview given to news agency ANI, swati Maliwal said that if they (AAP) wanted my rajya sabha seat back, if they had asked with love, I would have given up my life, mp is a very small thing, I have never held the post in my entire career. Have not been tempted.

He further said, “The way they hit and beat me. Because of that I will not resign now. Now no matter what power he uses in the world, I will not resign. I have no desire for the post of MP.

Feeling cheated- swati Maliwal

Maliwal, former chairperson of delhi Women's Commission, said, "I feel very betrayed at this time, what I am feeling at this moment, I do not want, god forbid, anyone to feel like this. My everything is lost." Let us tell you that on May 13, swati Maliwal had accused delhi Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal's PA Vibhav Kumar of assault. delhi police has arrested Vibhav Kumar in this case. Whereas AAP says that swati Maliwal is a pawn of BJP's conspiracy.

There should be a fair investigation – AAP

Vibhav Kumar has also lodged a complaint with the police in the case of swati Maliwal. aam aadmi party says that delhi police should investigate the entire matter impartially. After this entire controversy, questions are being raised that what will be the next political step of swati Maliwal? Meanwhile, she has made it clear that she will not resign from the post of rajya sabha MP.

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