Is the Police playing a safe game with Pinnelli Reddy..!?

 YCP leader ramakrishna Reddy's name has been heard for the last two or three days. Pinnelli ramakrishna Reddy's name is heard more and more. Because tdp has done a lot of campaigning with the name of vandalizing EVMs. Although the tdp is doing all sorts of things on this matter, election Commissioner meena has informed that they have nothing to do with how this video actually came out. Although Pinnelli filed a complaint with the EC, the court gave relief to Pinnelli not to take any action until the sixth of next month. Today, Andhra Jyoti wrote that the police had saved Pinnelli ramakrishna Reddy. Anil Yadav or the total police non-cooperation machine did a coup. If they were being attacked, the police did not come forward to protect them. Moreover, there was no campaign capturing of polling booths, or else the ycp people who came to cast their votes near the polling booths were being attacked by the policemen who were completely cooperating with the others.

Instead, Pinnelli is now protected from arrest. That means it is a safe game for the police. Support for telugu Desha yesterday. Now support for YCP. If telugu Desam comes to power, they will cooperate in getting votes.. they can again come in a good position to the authorities. If the same ycp comes to power, Pinnelli will not be arrested, so they will cooperate. Overall, it can be said that the police are playing a safe game. 

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