This time general elections in andhra pradesh also saw a huge turnout. Both parties are also claiming that the voters who flocked to the polling centers in large numbers stood by them. But the reality will be known on june 4. There are also important signs on the side of the previous election results. postal ballot voting done by employees is also counted together with regular voting at polling centers in the state.

But this time also, a large scale of voting was recorded. It seems that almost 5.4 lakh people have registered their voting through postal ballot this time which is more than ever before. It can be said that all these votes belong to the employees who run the government. These elections also decide the results. However many leaders are saying that the entire voting process was done against the ruling party. The ec has made a key decision on how many tables should be set up in the respective districts to count the postal ballots in the various districts.

In particular, srikakulam district registered 38,865 postal ballots, nandyala district registered 25,283 postal ballots, followed by kadapa with 24,918; Registered postal ballots. 15,320 seems to be the lowest recorded in Narasapuram. The tdp leaders asked the ec to consider those without the seal and signature of the returning officer on the back of the postal ballot. State CEO mukesh Kumar meena also agreed with this but the tdp is seeking written instructions. It further demands that the gazetted officer's signature or seal should be strictly considered. Let's see what happens.

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