Kadiam srihari is one of the strongest leaders in warangal district and he makes the attention of the leadership of any party he belongs to fall on him. Kadiam srihari left the BRS party and joined the congress party for his daughter and also got an mp ticket. Kadiam srihari is also making many efforts for the ministerial position in the upcoming expansion of the cabinet. Now everywhere in orugallu people are talking about this topic. Can such a Kadiam get a ministerial position there? If he gets the post of minister, which of the women ministers will get a check.

Or let's find out whether the three ministers are the joint warangal district. Finally, after the formation of a separate state, kcr joined Chenthana and got ministerial posts there too and got good recognition. The name of such Kadiam srihari has become a topic of discussion in warangal district. It seems that he will definitely be present in the upcoming cabinet expansion. Because he is a strong leader from Madiga social class. Moreover, Errabelli is the leader of Ditaina who faces Dayakar in the district. Looking at all the equations, it seems that there is a reason to give the post of minister to Kadiam.

  Not only that, it seems that Kadiam srihari had made many demands even before joining the party and only after accepting all of them did he join the Congress. If cut, there are currently two women leaders as ministers in warangal district. One of them is Sithakka and the other is Konda Surekha. Both of them are leaders of bc and st community. There is an opinion that another person will get a chance from the joint district. However, revanth wants to give this post to Kadiam as no Madiga community leader has been given the post of minister so far in the state.   If the leadership does not agree, it seems that revanth is thinking of leaving one of the existing women ministers aside and giving the ministership to Mari Kadiam. Otherwise, it seems that he is trying to convince the leadership to have three ministers in the joint warangal district.

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