The whole country is now mostly looking towards andhra pradesh politics. Because the election percentage in andhra pradesh is like never before. tdp Janasena is making all efforts to defeat the ycp party with the alliance of the bjp party. The voting process has already been completed on the 13th of this month. election results will also be published on the fourth of next month.

What is the Calculation Scenario of the ycp and telugu Desam Party? It means that the telugu desam party has calculated that it will not fall below 70 of the 144 seats contested by them and 90 to 100 is a guarantee. Also, the alliance is confident that the Jana Sena will not lose 15 and the bjp will not lose five.

When it comes to what the YSRCP party is counting on, they are also confident that they will not fall short of 100 seats. According to that, they target seven seats in Kadapa. YSP also predicts no less than 35 seats in Rayalaseema. ycp calculates 40 seats in Nellore. If 5 seats are guaranteed from vizianagaram and  5 seats are guaranteed from Srikakulam, they are predicting close to 85 to 130. Judging by this, it seems that the ycp party alliance might touch closer to 100 seats

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