Pachmarhi is buzzing with tourists - 'Mini Kashmir'!!!

These days summer vacations are going on in schools. As a result, people are coming to tourist places with their children. Tourists from all over the country including the state are also coming to Pachmarhi, which is called mini Kashmir. Tourists are enjoying their holidays by visiting the ancient tourist places located here. There are more than a dozen tourist places in Pachmarhi itself. Today is madhya pradesh Tourism Day. Let us know the features of the tourist places of Panchmarhi...

B-Falls: There is a waterfall named B-Fall at Pachmarhi Hill Station. Water falls from this waterfall throughout the year. In B Fall, water falls from a height of about 150 feet. The view here is very beautiful. people coming to Pachmarhi definitely visit here.

Dhupgarh is the highest spot: Dhupgarh is considered to be the highest spot in Pachmarhi. Apart from this, Pachmarhi has Lake, Chhote Mahadev temple, Charugarh, Pandav Cave, Afsara Vihar, Richhgarh etc.

Jatashankar: Jatashankar's cave is at a distance of one and a half kilometers from Pachmarhi town. Above this, a huge boulder is seen which seems to be swinging without any support. A Hanuman temple is present on Jatashankar Marg itself.

Pandava Caves: It is said that there are five caves in Pachmarhi. Due to these caves, Pachmarhi was named Pachmarhi. It is said that Pandavas also stayed here during their exile. Archaeologists believe that these caves were built by Buddhists during the Gupta period in the 9th and 10th centuries.

Handi Kho: Handi Kho is the deepest and narrowest valley of Pachmarhi, whose depth is 300 feet. The clear sound of flowing water can be heard down this valley surrounded by dense forests on both sides.

Chauragarh Hill: Similarly, Chauragarh Hill is situated in Pachmarhi. Tourists have reached here after a steep climb of four kilometers, where they also visit the temple of Lord Mahadev.

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