Manoj Tiwari said, 'I will never call elections...'

BJP mp manoj tiwari says that he does not consider Kanhaiya Kumar as his challenge. manoj tiwari, bjp candidate from North-East Delhi, said that congress has written its last chapter by making Kanhaiya Kumar its candidate. manoj tiwari also said that he never takes elections lightly. Talking to news agency ANI, manoj tiwari said about his election preparations for the North-East seat, "I never take elections lightly. I have held about 780 Nukkad Sabha meetings in 84 days. He has also campaigned on 88 lok sabha seats. I have also gone to the remaining six seats of Delhi.'' On the challenge from Kanhaiya, manoj tiwari said, ''Kanhaiya Kumar is not a challenge for us, congress has written its last chapter by making Kanhaiya Kumar its candidate.'' manoj tiwari said this when Kanhaiya Kumar challenged him for a debate.

People are scared of making Kanhaiya Kumar a candidate - Manoj Tiwari

Manoj Tiwari further said, "As soon as people hear Kanhaiya Kumar, they say that he was the one who celebrated the martyrdom of CRPF soldiers in Chhattisgarh." This is the one who does not believe in Durga ji but in Mahishasura, then the people of the area will never press the congress button for such a person. On 25th you will see the introduction of Kanhaiya Kumar. people are scared of him. AAP and congress have shown their true identity. people will vote in large numbers and vote to make narendra modi the PM.

Negative opinion among public about rahul gandhi - Manoj Tiwari

While attacking rahul gandhi, manoj tiwari said, "Wherever rahul gandhi goes, two ambulances should be placed behind him." The same should be said behind Manoj Jha also. Because the negative opinion of the public about them can make them mentally ill. Their security should be increased.

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