Thalapathy will give incentives to the top 3 district-wise students in class 10 and 12! 

Like last year, Thalapathy Vijay is going to give educational incentives to the students who secured top 3 positions in class 10 and 12 in each district. An announcement has been made to this effect.

Thalapathy Vijay

After Thalapathy Vijay started making his political debut, he has been moving the ball perfectly to impress the masses. It is well known that in last year's class 10th and 12th public examination, the students who secured the top three positions at the district level were honored with incentives.Following this, this year also in 10th and 12th class, in all 234 blocks, he is going to give incentives to the students who have obtained top three marks. Preparations for this are currently underway.

Vijay, who last time announced his political presence in secret, is going to participate as the political leader of tamil Nadu victory Kazhagam this time, so the expectation of what Vijay is going to talk about among the students is increasing.

The tamil Nadu victory Association has announced that the work of issuing passes to the students who secured the first three positions at the district level to participate in this program has started and the program is likely to be held from june 15 to 20. It is also expected that an official announcement will be made soon.

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