Wife Shabana was against Manoj Bajpayee…

Manoj Bajpayee is in the headlines these days for his film Bhaiya Ji. His film Bhaiya Ji has been released in theaters today. Manoj is busy promoting his film. A different avatar of his is going to be seen in this film. After Bhaiya Ji, Manoj will be seen in season 3 of the web series The Family Man. Fans are eagerly waiting for this series. Manoj has revealed in an interview that his wife did not want him to work in The Family Man. He had asked Manoj why he was working in this series. manoj bajpayee recently appeared in Ranveer Allahabadia's podcast. Where he told that when he was working in the first season of the family man, his wife had asked him why he was doing this show.

Did the show for money

Manoj told that his wife did not know that the OTT platform was taking the world by storm. Manoj said- My wife asked me, is everything fine, why are you doing this. I said- Shabana, this is a big thing in US. Here too it will reach heights soon. Shabana again asked- You are not doing this for money, right? We are happy there is no need to do such things. Which you don't have to do. I said- I am not doing this show for money. This is a very good show and web shows are running all over the world.

Let us tell you that season 3 of the family man is about to come. Manoj has started shooting for this series. Season 3 of the family man will soon be on Prime Video. Fans eagerly wait for every update of this series.

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