A New young journalist unveiled during Elections..!!

- ap Recognized a neutral journalist.

- He rose to the level of district and state reporter.

- He travels across the state to collect the opinions of the voters.

Social media has become very popular in telugu states since the 2014 elections. Due to this, more journalists are becoming very popular in social media with their own analysis. In this sequence, the name Gundusudhi Seenu alias journalist srinivas has been very popular in social media for two years at the time of the 2024 elections. srinivas from a remote village in the srikakulam district joined the mandal contributor level at a young age. From there he rose to the level of district and state reporter. When srinivas was working as a district reporter in west godavari and prakasam district, many investigative articles got good recognition across the state. In this sequence, he also received some awards and rewards.

Left the print media in the background of the changed contemporary issues. In 2020 worked as a state-level content head for a leading popular news website. Later, during Anati's tenure, he established his own Gundusudhi-Pin channel in May 2021. After gaining recognition in a short period. With these foundations, he established the ap 175 channel in october 2021. Then he established TS 119 YouTube channel channels for Telangana. Especially Gundusudhi PINN has been providing in-depth analysis of telugu politics and national politics. ap 175 provides a comprehensive analysis of ap politics and TS 119 provides a limited analysis of Telangana. Most importantly, Gundusudi and ap 175 channels have been telling everyone about the latest political situation in ap from the last year and a half during this election period.

In Srinivas's analysis, who will be in the contest from the main parties from the last one and a half years by constituencies..? How is the performance of the sitting MLAs.. the in-charges of the constituencies..? How can anyone have opportunities..? Every topic with changes and additions has been thoroughly explained in a language that can be understood even by a layman. This same needle has made Seenu very well connected to ap social media as well as to common citizens. Apart from knowing the opinions of the common people in ap through his whatsapp number, he also travels across the state to collect the opinions of the voters in the constituencies and publish the results of the survey. Who will win constituencies-wise..?  They give complete clarity about each constituency in each video.

Overall, Srinivas' surveys favor the alliance. If they win and succeed in this electionit is certain that Gundusudi Seenu's name will become more popular in ap after the election. Even after the election, saying that he will continue to fight as a movement on the key issues in the state has also made srinivas more popular and well-connected on social media. However, this time the ap elections have unveiled a brilliant idea of a new young journalist.

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