The general election voting in andhra pradesh was completed on the 13th of this month. But the results are going to be announced on the fourth of next month. In this order, there is excitement all over the pithapuram constituency where pawan kalyan is standing. Pawan Kalyan, who contested in two places and lost in the past, campaigned by bringing many celebrities with the intention of winning this time. It seems that the pithapuram assembly seat of kakinada district is also creating a record in this general election.

It can also be said that in 2019, the voter turnout was as high as 86.63 percent, which is unprecedented in the history of the constituency. Due to this, the janasena leader and the workers are also making more bets by promoting that their party will win as the polling percentage is high. However, regarding the constituency in this order, some photos are becoming viral on social media. Especially in the pithapuram constituency, there are 2,38,000 votes. But it seems that the votes cast are only 2,04,800.

Similarly, while the votes of Kapu are 65,300 votes, 16,325 votes have gone to Vanga Geeta, 48,975 votes have gone to Pawan. According to calculations, Geeta will get 1,05,575 votes and pawan kalyan will get 98,935 votes. Vanga Geeta will win with a majority of more than 6 thousand votes. With this, many ycp leaders are saying that pawan kalyan must lose this time too, and it seems that all the hard work of Pawan Kalyan, who has brought so many celebrities to win, will be wasted.

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