PM Modi's Take On mamata Banerjee's 'Control' …

prime minister Narendra Modi targeted the mamata Banerjee-led government in West bengal, saying its wrongdoing cannot be ignored. Lauding the BJP’s increasing footprint in the state, he said the saffron party performed exceedingly well in the 2021 assembly elections, despite being unable to form the government.

In an interview to News18’s Aman Sharma, Payal Mehta, Aman Chopra and amitabh Sinha, the prime minister talked about the BJP’s prospects in bengal and mamata Banerjee’s politics of violence even as voting is being held in eight lok sabha constituencies of the state on Saturday.

With reference to Banerjee’s slogan of ‘Maa, maati, manush’, with which she stormed to power in 2011, he was asked if the TMC supremo has lost control of the state — with the atrocities against women and political violence during elections. The cm, who regularly sends mangoes and regional delicacies to the PM, is known to share a bittersweet relationship with him.

“What I feel is that this is the kind of politics (in reference to violence and atrocities against women) that suits her. She uses the government machinery with this aim. In a way, she has a lot of control, but all of it is in the wrong direction,” he said.

prime minister Modi said it is a misconception that she does not have control, but is actually the one orchestrating it all and protecting those involved in such activities. “It’s not that she does not have any control and others are doing as they please. She is the one who orchestrates, and protects those who carry out such acts. In fact, it is her conviction that this is the only way to stay in power,” he said.

He said sending “mangoes and mishti doi” is a protocol followed by Banerjee, and he thanks her for it. But, it does not mean that all the wrongdoing can be ignored. “I believe whether the chief minister sends me mangoes or mishti doi, it’s done according to protocol and I’ll thank her for it. But, that does not mean that I can be blind to all the wrongdoing,” he added.

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