From 2014 To 2024… I Miss A Strong Opposition…

prime minister Narendra Modi in an interview to CNN-News18 has said he misses having a “strong opposition” and this is a pain in his heart. He was asked about the perception that there is no strong opposition against him, and congress leader Rahul gandhi has not been able to challenge him. Modi did not choose to comment on gandhi specifically but said he has not got a strong opposition in the last 10 years as PM.

“In a democracy, it is very important that there is a strong opposition, which keeps the government on the sword’s edge and on its toes, such an opposition is very necessary. There is no absence of talent in this country and they should get an opportunity. I thought that in 2014 to 2024 that I should have got a strong opposition, if there is one thing missing in my life, it is that of a good opposition,” PM Modi said in the interview.

Modi said he did not get any positive contribution from the Congress. “They had run the government for 60 years, so I thought I would ask them for advice on their way out so that I would get help. Till pranab mukherjee was there, I benefitted from him as he used to share his experience. But I got no benefit from the opposition. I gained only from my party colleagues and from my experience as gujarat CM,” he said.

Modi also told CNN-News18 that the opposition had been in no way of any use to him. “They were so full of negativity that decisions in country’s interest were opposed by them for political benefit though they were once in their manifestos. This is a big concern. In a big democracy like India, there should be a strong opposition, an aware opposition, an active opposition, well-read and well-informed, this benefits all. When I was the gujarat CM, our opposition was good. Now the condition is not good, this is a pain in my heart,” the prime minister told CNN-News18. The PM also mentioned how he had been abused by his opponents for over two decades, and cover pages of magazines had earlier painted him like a demon. “The Khan Market gang and some in the media were always after me. I never lost my patience and calm. Now they have to put my smiling face on the cover. I perform my responsibility,” the prime minister said.

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