Election Counting - Precautions Agents Should Take!

The election process in telugu states ended on 13th of this month. The counting process will start on june 4. EVMs are already monitored with three-tier security at strong rooms. On the day of counting, the votes will be counted in the EVMs after the initial postal ballot counting is done. In this order, the authorities are completing the arrangements. Measures are being taken to ensure tight security at the counting centers, set up tables, and announce round-wise results. Plans are being made to set up media centers near the counting centers and reveal the results on big screens. High speed internet will be used at the counting centers. However, agents have to take some precautions during counting.

Follow these rules

Counting agents should reach the centers by 6 am. Form 18 should be signed by the Returning Officer.

After that you have to take the ID, Aadhaar, Form 17C, booklet and pen that will be given to you. Mobiles are not allowed in the counting centers. Once inside, they are not allowed to come out until the process is completed.

There are separate counting halls for the results of mp and mla seats. You have to sit at the table number allotted to you.

Each table has a counting supervisor, counting officer and observer. Also, there will be an Arvo, an Assistant Returning Officer and an Agent.

From which polling booths the control units will go to which table will be decided in advance.

After postal ballot counting, there will be EVMs counting. Agents should check that the seals of control units machines are correct. Otherwise inform the Returning Officer.

After that, the details of the 17C form should be checked with what the authorities have said. The date of polling and the number of votes cast should be checked while declaring the results. If the particulars in Form 17C with you are different from those there, you should inform the Returning Officer.

At the time of declaration of results, note down everything including your candidate details. The counting supervisor will also note down all the results with you.

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