Is ycp mla Pinnelli not coming out now?

mla pinnelli ramakrishna reddy of ycp Macharla, who is involved in cases of destroying EVMs and threatening voters, is still at large. In the case of breaking the EVM, he has not yet come out after getting relief in the High Court. He got permission from the high court to hire election agents and participate in the counting process. However, the high court last night issued a clear order that macherla should not go till the election process is completed. She made it clear that she should stay in Narsaraopet. With this, the talk is heard that whether he is incognito or out is the same. Besides this, some other cases are also chasing him.

Pinnelli got relief only in the case of vandalizing the EVM at Palvaigate polling station. The investigation of the case where an agent and another woman were threatened is still going on. Apart from this, there is also a case against him in connection with the attack on a police officer in Machar. On the 13th of this month, while Pinnelli was destroying the EVM at the polling station in Palwai Gate, Namburi Seshagiri Rao, who is a tdp agent, stopped him. Namburi Seshagiri Rao complained to the police that he was not only threatened but also beaten to death. According to this complaint, a case has been registered against Pinnelli under Section 307. He has not got any relief in this so far.

It is because of those cases that the mla is not coming out until now. Pinnelli has already been passed over by police officials, and there are criticisms that he is helping to stay incognito. Now, if he comes out and is not arrested in the case, there will be more charges against Khaki. It seems that the opposition has been given a chance. That's why party sources say that Hyde has been appointed to check everything.

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