Whose hand is the huge postal ballot vote?

The elections held in andhra pradesh this time are looking very interesting. It was surprising that postal ballots were coming in huge numbers like never before. This time double the number of postal ballot votes reached the officials. But according to the current rules, there is a doubt among many people that how many of them will be valid and how many will be invalidated.

A lot of postal ballot votes have been registered in Andhra Pradesh. Officials found that 5 lakh 40 thousand postal ballots have been received. Only 2,95,003 postal ballot votes were polled in 2019 elections. Now it has doubled in number. If we look at the votes cast by postal ballot district wise, srikakulam district got the highest number of votes. There 38,865 people voted through this postal ballot. Later, 25 thousand 283 people in nandyala district and 24 thousand 918 people in kadapa district used the method of voting through postal ballot.

Those on election duty used this postal ballot. Along with them, 13,700 senior citizens above 85 years of age and 12,700 disabled persons exercised their right to vote through postal ballot in the home voting system which was introduced for the first time. As a result, postal ballot votes have increased enormously.

Officials expect that the polling process may be delayed due to the large number of postal ballot votes in each constituency. A lot of care needs to be taken while counting the postal ballot. Each postal ballot has to be shown to the candidate agents present and then it is decided whether it is valid or not.

If the voter declaration form is separate from the postal ballot cover A, the vote will be invalid. Absence of gazetted signature will invalidate the vote. postal ballot should be signed by RVO on the back. But this time, telugu desam party has made a request to the ec to give an exemption from this. tdp says that mukesh Kumar meena has verbally given no formal order till now.

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