Chevireddy bhaskar reddy who met tirupati SP!!!

It is known that violent incidents happen before and after elections in AP. chandragiri tdp candidate Pulivarthi nani was attacked at Sri Padmavathi Mahila university in tirupati on May 14 . chevireddy bhaskar reddy went to tirupati SP office regarding this incident. SP Harshavardhan told Raju that ycp workers who were not involved in the attack incident were arrested. chevireddy handed over the CC footage to tirupati SP. The SP was asked to review the video and release the ycp workers who were not involved in the attack.

Controversy since the day of polling in Chandragiri

Violence broke out in Palnadu district, tirupati district and Anantapur districts during polling in AP. tdp and ycp agents attacked each other inside the polling booth at Brahmana canal in chandragiri constituency. When the ranks of both the parties tried to go inside the polling center, the central forces fired in the air and brought the situation under control. ycp and tdp activists deployed and attacked each other in Kuchivaripalli. tdp leaders attacked the ycp Sarpanch's house and the ycp candidate who reached there was surrounded by tdp workers and his gunman. In this order, the ycp leader's house and the candidate's car were burnt by the tdp leaders. The tdp candidate came and freed the gunman and sent him out.. Central forces reached and controlled the situation.

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