Attack during EVM movement..let’s know…

On May 14, while EVMs were being moved to the sree Padmavati Women's Varsity room in tirupati, ycp candidates first reached there in rows to inspect. Later, when the tdp candidate Pulivarthi nani entered the gate of the university, ycp supporters attacked him. The gunman fired two rounds in the air in an attempt to save Pulivarthi Nani. In this sequence, the gunmen and a ycp worker were injured. After getting the information, the ranks of tdp reached there and vandalized it.

Due to this, the central forces had to step into the field and bring the situation under control with baton charge. The police have registered a case on the incident of attack on tdp candidate Pulivarthi nani and arrested many ycp activists and started investigation.

Bhanukumar Reddy's wife, ZPTC delhi Rani, who is the main accused in the attack case, said that they have retaliated against tdp candidate Pulivarthy nani for attacking chevireddy bhaskar Reddy's vehicle during the nomination. But they clarified that it was not their intention to kill him, it was just a counter attack. It was alleged that tdp attacked Chevireddy's vehicle when he came to the tirupati RDO office to file his nomination. They said that they counterattacked, but did not intend to kill anyone. But they alleged that the police registered cases and arrested only ycp ranks.

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