Did komati reddy make comments as a counter to KCR...?

While kcr said that 25 congress MLAs are in touch with him during the parliamentary elections, the congress has gone a step further and has already turned three MLAs from BRS to their side. Kadiam Srihari, danam nagender and Tellam venkatarao have joined hands. Apart from that, cabinet Minister komati reddy Venkata reddy recently announced that 25 MLAs are in a fight with him and will tell their names.

In the same manner, kcr was also challenged to name the congress MLAs who were in touch with him. But two weeks ago, komati reddy also announced the joining date of BRS MLAs to join his party on 5th June. But leaving aside whether this development is really going to happen or not... there is no doubt in saying that both the BRS and congress parties have started a mind game.

Are congress and bjp implementing a strategy to destroy BRS?

bjp is implementing the politics of destroying the regional parties or keeping them in the dark. In this order, there are suspicions that the party leader kishan reddy made the comments with the strategy of destroying BRS in Telangana. It remains to be seen whether the two national parties have a strategy to destroy the BRS together. The bjp, which has implemented Congress-free india so far, is already making moves to weaken the regional parties that are strong in the respective states. There is no doubt that part of that is to eliminate BRS in Telangana...or to use it as a pawn to dethrone the Congress. But it has to be seen from the perspective of whether bjp will help to strengthen BRS again. But whatever...there is no doubt that the real game will start after the results of the parliamentary elections. Only then.. it is possible to get clarity about which party will move which step.

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