What pawan kalyan said is true?

What pawan kalyan feared happened in Andhra Pradesh. The police have concluded that there are 5000 descendants of slaves in cambodia alone. The demon of human trafficking is becoming dangerous. Smuggling gangs are taking people from india and selling them for four thousand dollars.

Human Trafficking Racket Survived by vizag Police's Cunning                                    

 The stories of 58 human trafficking victims rescued by vizag police are frightening the common man. The swindlers are selling them to Chinese gangs with the promise of jobs abroad. They are torturing the indians who buy it and turning it into weapons for cyber attack on our country. vizag police rescued 58 of them and brought them to Vizag. Out of them 40 are Telugus and the remaining 18 are from other states.

This is what Pawan said!

Jana Sena leader..Cine star pawan kalyan said that there is a large scale of trafficking from ap in recent times. His comments caused a big uproar. Some people saw the comments only from a political point of view, but the human trafficking scam that has come out now has made Pawan Kalyan's fans know that there is truth in what he said.

How indians are being sold..!                                   

 First, those who have some computer knowledge are attracted as they have good job opportunities abroad. Through the local agents here, they charge a fee of one to one and a half lakh and send it to countries like Cambodia. Being an Asian country, unemployed people who believe that there are too many commuter jobs will reach Cambodia. Cambodian agents say that they are selling their passports to Chinese gangs for 4 thousand dollars each. From there the hell starts for Indians. They are turning it into a cyber attack against indians by showing violence in pictures without giving rice.

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