Arrangements for Jagan's swearing-in in Visakhapatnam!!!

AP cm and ycp chief Jaganmohan reddy had earlier announced that if he wins the second term, he will rule from Visakhapatnam and take oath there. That is why there is no question of where to take oath if he wins for the second time in YCP. But the party leaders are also saying where and when the venue will be in Visakha. It is being said almost every day that minister Botsa Satyanarayana will take oath as the second Jaganmohan reddy as cm on the 9th.

yv subbareddy also finalized the Muhurta. He announced that he is going to take oath on the 9th of next month at 9.30 am. As usual, Swarupananda will finalize Jagan's swearing-in ceremony. It is not clear whether yv subbareddy finalized the Muhurta after consulting him. It is said that hotel rooms are being booked recently. It is said that all the star hotels in visakha are booked for the 9th date, not only the newly elected MLAs will come for Jagan's swearing-in, but also celebrities from other states. It is said that they are considering whether to take the oath in a huge public meeting in an empty space near the Bogapuram airport.

The special thing here is that it is not only ycp leaders who are involved in the arrangements. CS jawahar reddy came to visakha twice secretly. Went to Bogapuram once and checked. It is said that some other high officials have also come and gone. They say that all of them came to examine the arrangements for Jagan's second oath-taking.

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