Atchannaidu is one of the great leaders in the telugu desam party who has earned a special identity for himself and responded boldly to anyone criticizing Chandrababu. Needless to say, Atchannaidu is one of the strongest leaders standing by TDP. Atchannaidu is the younger brother of tdp leader Errannaidu and has made his mark in srikakulam politics.
The party leaders feel that Atchannaidu is very special in TDP. There is a talk in the political circles that Chandrababu also gives great respect to the advice and suggestions given by Atchannaidu. Atchannaidu was a three-time mla from the Harishchandrapuram constituency till 2009, and then he contested from tekkali in later days due to the re-division of constituencies.
In the 2014 assembly elections, Atchannaidu was the reason for the TDP's victory in the majority of seats in the srikakulam parliamentary constituency, and he got the opportunity to work as the labor minister. It is known that even if there was a wave of jagan in the 2019 elections, Atchannaidu contested as an mla and won, and from this, it is easy to understand how much faith the people have in him.
There is no doubt that Atchannaidu is one of the leaders who stands like a mountain to Chandrababu. Jagan's government made some accusations against Atchannaidu and tried to trouble him, but he was not afraid. Atchannaidu who is 53 years old is showing his strength by doing politics with some aggression. Even in the 2024 elections, Atchannaidu contested from tekkali and the comments in the constituency say that he is certain to win this election. His fans believe that Atchannaidu should be more successful in politics.

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