He is one of Chandrababu's favorite disciples..!!

- Babu who recognized the principle and encouraged it when it was difficult in Yeluri.

- Samba, who won twice, doubling the hopes of the leader.

- Recognized as Babu's favorite disciple.

The young man is enthusiastic, he is struggling, and the party itself is in trouble after losing twice including a key constituency. Will he survive if the constituency in charge is given the responsibility? Will the party stand in the actual constituency..? Amid various doubts, in late 2012, tdp leader Chandrababu handed over the reins of the tdp in charge of the Paruchur constituency to Paruchur mla Eluri Sambasivarao. Daggubati Venkateswara Rao, who has already won twice from congress in Paruchuru constituency, is the MLA. All the key leaders in tdp have left for YCP.

In Paruchur, tdp has become a leaderless ship. Chandrababu should also give the reins to whom? They are thinking that. During that time, one thought four or five times and handed over the reins of charge to Yeluri. In a year, the entire Yeluri scene was changedAlong with marching all over the constituency, he fought tirelessly to strengthen the party in Paruchur. Chandrababu was also disappointed by the results of the panchayat elections. They were happy that the party had found a young man with a bit of perseverance. In the 2014 elections, he won the ticket and won as an MLA. Yeluri has been developed in the constituency with crores of rupees in five years.

Yeluri challenged that if he does not do some things during the campaign, he will not even ask for votes in the 2019 elections. They did as they were told and went to the 2019 elections. That's why Jagan's victory in Paruchur for the second time in a row has attracted attention all over the state. Now on Telugu soil, yeluri sambasiva rao has become an unstoppable young and crazy leader. He is seen as an unwavering ray of hope as a future leader of the telugu desam party for another 20 years. After winning Yeluri for the second time, Chandrababu also said on many occasions that the party needs leaders like this. In these five years, the anarchy of the ruling party, Yeluri's fight against illegalities. Chandrababu liked it very much.

That is why he praised Yeluri many times in public forums. He said that he and the party want such leaders. Yeluri, Chandrababu is considered a guru rather than a party leader. Taking advantage of the opportunity given by Chandrababu, he made sure that in these 12 years, there was no small remark on him. That is why Yeluri is a special favorite of Chandrababu. Yeluri was also one of Chandrababu's favorite disciples. He had no political experience before when he came to him... Will he be successful..? Yeluri's association with Chandrababu was interwoven from that level to the appreciation that today's politics can be done so great without controversy.

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