Elections in the state of andhra pradesh ended a few days ago. For those elections, the political leaders spent two or three months without rest, discussing how to attract people and how to get votes. The elections were completed on May 13. From the very beginning, the people, leaders and activists of Andhra state have been eagerly waiting for the percentage of voting in the elections.

In such a case, this time the voting percentage was slightly higher than last time. With that, some people say that this time more voting than the last time, so it is in favor of the alliance, while some say that it is in favor of YCP. The leaders of the coalition are activists and the people are deeply dissatisfied with the current government. That is why voters from the country and abroad came from the towns and voted for us, they say. people are very much attracted to the welfare schemes provided by YCP. That's why they all came from somewhere and voted for our government to come back to power. They say that is why there was a high percentage of voting.

If these two parties are saying that this voting is in favor of us, then the people are not knowing that anyone has a chance of winning. And if in the results coming on 4th of June, if the alliance gets huge seats, then there will be opposition to the government, if Jagan's government comes again, then people are really attracted to the welfare schemes given by him, and the alliance, which is currently in confusion, ycp will come out of it on that day.

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