Assembly elections were held for the first time in the bifurcated Andhra state in 2014 after the separation of the united state of Andhra Pradesh. The telugu Desam Party, which contested in this election under the chairmanship of Chandrababu Babu, came to power in the state by securing the seats that establish power in the state. Babu also chose amaravati as the capital because the state did not have a capital and also built some buildings to develop it. Also brought some schemes for the development of the state.

Everything is fine, the 2019 elections have come. The leaders and activists of telugu Desam thought that Babu will win again in these elections. But exceptionally ycp party under the presidency of Jaganmohan reddy got a huge majority and came to power in the state. From the very beginning of Jagan's coming to power, he created a volunteer system for welfare schemes to go directly to the people, and through them he saw that people would get all the help at home without going outside for any scheme.

Also, in the name of today's program, developing schools, and giving many welfare schemes to farmers and women, he has provided welfare schemes to many sections of the people in the state. With that, people have a good opinion of him. Also, it seems that the majority of people want jagan to be cm again. If not, the news is coming from the beginning that people are against the local MLAs. With that, jagan changed most of the sitting MLAs and gave seats to new ones. However, it seems that jagan will not be hit by the local MLAs, and aside from that, it seems that the majority of people want jagan to be the cm again.

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